It felt like, the series had just began as Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok lifted the LCK-trophy one more time. Just three games and about three and a half hours later, SKT were looking like the undisputed best team in the world again. Before the games began, I wanted to tell the tale of some awesome games, but the Telecom-war disappointed and now, here we are with one of the most boring finals in LCK history.

KT showed us some signs of life in game one, where they could get a great head start over SKT. In the end, they never knew how to extend that gold lead and it was thrown away in just one silly fight. I can’t even say that about games two and three, as KT were looking like, they had already been defeated by Han “Peanut” Wangho, the MVP of the series, and crew.

Especially Heo “Pawn” Won-seok didn’t have a great series. In game three, we saw him dying over and over to Faker’s Lulu and Peanut’s Graves, while the rest of his team did a decent job. Pawn is not the first, who has fallen to Faker, nor will he be the last, but he must step up his game when LCK-Summer comes around. Otherwise, I do not see KT going to the Season 7 World Championship with how disjointed they’ve looked today.

For how much we have to criticise KT, we need to praise SKT even more.
They’ve dismantled KT-Rolster with two different playstyles today and with how little mistakes they made, there is no doubt that they will win this years MSI handily.
We don’t know most of their international opposition yet, but non of the contenders for their regions spot at the Mid-Season-Invitational have looked nearly as clean as the Korean powerhouse. Flash Wolves from the LMS have looked like the most likely team to upset the World Champions, but I kinda doubt that they get enough possibilities to refine their skills against the teams in their own region, which has looked considerably weaker than the other major regions.

The teams attending MSI will have to try to learn as much as possible from SKT and other teams in their regions will have to step up and create some necessary competition to breach the gap between them and the current top two teams. Especially in NA and EU, that gap is painfully obvious, evidenced by successful semi-final dominations all across the board. If the current situation should not change until the World Championship comes around, SKT should have no trouble with winning the Summoners-Cup for the third time in a row, which would be another result of the lack of competition for top teams all across the globe.