Giants Gaming has been one of the middle to bottom tier teams in the EU LCS for a while now and this split has been no different. While finding series wins against fellow relegations team Origen and the just recently resurged Roccat, they have otherwise been unable to find more than single game victories, not enough to grant them precious points to stay alive in the league. Now Olof “Flaxxish” Medin and the rest of his team find themselves in the promotion tournament and just one day away from a match against Fnatic-Academy.

Giants got to pick their nemesis from either Fnatic-Academy or Misfits-Academy, both of which are sister teams of current LCS teams.
Flaxxish said in in interview with Lolesports that their reason to pick FNA over MFA simply was the randomness factor of MFA. While I would agree that FNA is probably not gonna fall back to weird picks, here is my problem with that logic:

Giants are completely underestimating Fnatics veteran players and coaching staff.
Sure, you could argue that Maurice “Amazing” St├╝ckenschneider,
Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek and Rasmus “MrRallez” Skinneholm are all past their respective primes and that Johan “Klaj” Olsson still has to yet prove himself, but one thing connects all of them:
They have all been on a much bigger stage before, than any of Giants members ever has set his foot on and all of them have gone through both success and hardships in the past and they know, how to deal with the pressure of a Bo5. Giants on the other hand have shown to crumble under pressure and their teamwork has been lackluster at best.

I personally do no expect them to make it past the line of veterans, that is FNA and in my opinion, MFA with their very young and unproven roster would have been the better choice. I think, Giants were scared of Misfits, because of their recent victory over the huge favourite to win the Challenger Series: Schalke04. But if they have watched that match, which they surely have, they should be aware of the fact, that MFA didn’t win because of cheese, but as a result of Schalke choking on stage and not playing like their Online selves.

Tomorrow, everyone is gonna see, if I am correct, or if the logic of
Jonas “Memento” Elmarghichi and crew proves to be the way to go.
Either way, I am not really concerned for Giants future as an LCS organisation and I think, their best bet right now is a quick qualification of FNA, so they have to go through a worse team in round two and a possible round three of the tournament.